Strengthen Your Team Through Challenging Times

Even great teams can struggle from external events.

How well is your team working in the new normal? Is working remotely new for them?

We understand and would like to help.

Use our Team Rater at no cost, and learn as a team how best to support and work with each other.

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What Is the Team Rater?

The Team Rater is a survey that helps open the feedback loop among your team members as they share their perspectives about each other regarding team and task behaviors. 


Each team member answers 12 questions about the other team members.


The Team Rater provides team members' ratings on the 12 questions, along with their perceived priority to help feedback recipients determine what is most important to focus on.


The purpose isn't just to share opinions, but to grow as individuals and as a team. We'll provide a guide to help you make the most of the results -- you're always welcome to contact us and ask us questions as well.

Sample Team Rater Report Section

Why Should My Team Use This?

This is a short survey that will create the opportunity for growth and improved communication.


It is short and simple - only 12 questions, divided into two dimensions: 1) How team members do their work, and 2) How team members work with their teammates.


Each team member gets their own individual report and a guide to help them see ways they can lean into strengths or find opportunities to be better team players.


Especially now, most of us are in a moment of flux or working remotely for the first time. The Team Rater can help reveal opportunities for improved collaboration.

Why Is This Free?

Are you wondering what's in this for LearningBridge, and will we sell your team's information?


We will not share or sell your team's information with anybody else. It will only be used for purposes related to the Team Rater.


By registering, only you will subscribe to our monthly notification about articles related to feedback and professional development and to occasional offers like this one.


We hope you will have a fantastic experience with us, so that you will use us for other professional development and feedback needs, even refer us to your friends and associates.

This is a great opportunity to better understand your teammates and for each member to better understand their impact on the team!

Step 1

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Step 2

Follow the email guides and provide the names of the team members who will give feedback to each other.

Step 3

After participants have provided their feedback, each member will be able to access their individual results, and you will receive access to a group summary report.

But what do I do with the results?

Don't worry. We're here to help! We will provide a guide on how to best use the results.

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